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We take care of your rental properties

Rent your property with peace of mind

Privet Property Management Services
Let our professional team take care of your property on behalf of you.

What we will do for the property owners:

  • Dealing with the day-to-day affairs of the rental property.
  • Taking care of all calls and emails (even after-hours).
  • Dealing with the emergency services.
  • Dealing with the complaints.
  • Dealing with the condo managers (for condos).
  • Doing the regular unit inspections.
  • Rent collection.
  • Tenant screening and placement.
  • Arranging for general maintenance requests and preventative maintenance.
  • Taking care of minor repairs (i.e. replacing light bulbs and air filters).
  • Acting as a liaison between tenants, landlords, and third-party contractors.
  • Ordering parts and supplies for the repair and maintenance
  • Conducting inspections and creating inspection reports related to move-ins, move-outs, and routine quarterly inspections

The advantages of using this service:

  • Peace of mind renting your property.
  • Reducing the cost of repair and maintenance.
  • Decreasing the cost of replacing the tenants.
  • Cutting the hidden cost of renting your property.

We will also offer competitive pricing and exceptional service to satisfy our clients and recommend us to others.

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