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If you are going to sell your property, you are in the right place to start.
Our professional team will help you to make a good decision on it.

What we can do for you

  • Providing advice to prepare your home for selling; inside and outside
  • Doing Current Market Analysis on your home
  • Pricing your home to sell in current market
  • Listing your home
  • Preparing your home to show
  • Marketing recommendations for your home
  • Providing timely feedback on comments from showing agents and potential buyers
  • Presentation of offers negotiations
  • Following up on fulfillment of conditions


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    Real Estate Transactions in Ontario: A Guide for Clients

    By: Dr. Ahmad Asadi, your Realtor

    Working with a Real Estate Agent

    • Advantages for Buyers and Sellers: Professional knowledge, market insights, property listing, marketing strategies, and guidance through the transaction process.
    • Buyers' Benefits: Identifying matching properties, arranging viewings, making competitive offers, understanding mortgage options, and connecting with other professionals.
    • Sellers' Benefits: Setting the right price, staging the property, and negotiating sale terms.
    • Regulation and Ethics: Agents in Ontario are regulated by RECO and adhere to a professional code of ethics.

    Risks of Self-Representation

    • Complex Market Navigation: Challenges in pricing, marketing, and negotiating without professional training.
    • Legal and Financial Risks: Increased risk of overlooking critical legal, financial, or regulatory aspects.
    • Lack of Resources and Objectivity: No access to MLS, industry networks, or objective professional advice.

    Signing a Contract with a Real Estate Brokerage

    • Understanding the Representation Agreement: Outlines duties, services, payment terms, and termination provisions.
    • Key Contract Elements: Duration, services provided, commission/fees, dual agency terms, confidentiality, and duty to client.
    • Importance of Clarity: Discuss concerns, understand rights and obligations, and consider legal advice if necessary.

    Understanding Multiple Representation

    • Dual Agency Situations: An agent or brokerage represents both buyer and seller.
    • Consent and Disclosure: Requirement for written consent and full disclosure of dual representation.
    • Limited Negotiation Role: The agent must provide balanced advice and not favor one party over the other.